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          類型:倫理  香港  1994 

          主演:邢小路 李中寧 金彪 黃一飛 余慕蓮 葉先兒 

          導演:陳地 陳兆琨 




            Opens with the lovely Pin dreaming about great sex with a bloke whom she soon meets in real life – he’s a security guard at her apartment block. There’s also a group of voyeur cops and their captain Fatty Pang who is always losing on the racehorses. Fatty spies on Pin in the shower one day and steals her red underwear. Pin keeps having lustful fantasies and sometimes has sex with her crosseyed sugar daddy Chiu, but burglars break in, and they are stuck in the bath. Just about all the characters take turns at fantasizing, and it’s a great multinational mix. The Can-Can, the Baby Elephant Walk, Cowboys, the Tango. There’s a sex-mad foreign (British) couple who shamelessly overact, who provide much of the sex action, whereas Pin provides the bulk of the nudity (and she is just gorgeous). There’s also an artist who lives in the same block (played by Wong Yat Fei, that actor who looks like Yoda), who is caught by the same burglars when he’s screwing a blowup doll, and compelled to repeat the performance.如果喜歡秋霞網(www.ccoo123.com)分享的《97風流夢》,別忘了推薦給好友!

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